Just Sayin’

Album Cover

JUST SAYIN’ – Peter Bell

Arranged and Produced by Peter Bell and David Mash for Bar of Two Productions

Whatever I’m Doing

By Melissa Bolling & Adam Smirnoff  2005
Background vocal arrangement:  Melissa Bolling and Lydia Harrell
Transitional Bridge:  David Mash
Horn Arrangement:  David Mash

Vocal:  Lydia Harrell
Background Vocals:  Lydia Harrell
Electric Bass:  Lenny Bradford
VI Bass:  David Mash
VI Trumpet:  David Mash
VI Organ: David Mash
Guitars:  Peter Bell
Saxes:  Bruce Nifong

This track, along with Do Unto, grew out of a creative partnership between Melissa, Lenny and me – we used to play every Sunday at the Barking Crab in Boston – so much fun!  So grateful to Lydia Harrell for adding her incredible deep soul talent, and of course Mighty Bruce Nifong.

Pouring Water On A Drowning Man

By Drew Baker and Danny McCormick 1966
(Via James Carr)
Horn arrangement David Mash
Background vocals arranged by Melissa Bolling

Vocal: Chris Cote
Background vocals: Melissa Bolling
VI Bass: PB
Drums: Mark Walker
Guitars: PB
VI Organ: David Mash
Saxes: Bruce Nifong

I’ve wanted to record this song since the early 70’s when Willie Murphy, who produced the Warner Bros. Bonnie Raitt album I was lucky enough to play on, turned me on to James Carr.  Grateful to the freakishly talented Chris Cote, probably the only living  person on earth who can do this song justice.

Gimme A Break

By Peter Bell 2021
(Via traditional break song, James Brown)
Horn arrangement David Mash

VI Bass: David Mash
VI Organ: David Mash
Drums: Mark Walker
Guitars: Peter Bell
Saxes: Bruce Nifong

JB meets SRV according to PB  🙂  

Do Unto

By Melissa Bolling, Lenny Bradford, Peter Bell 2006
Vocal Arrangement: Melissa Bolling
Horn Arrangement: David Mash and Peter Bell

Vocals: Melissa Bolling
Background Vocals: Melissa Bolling
Electric Bass: Lenny Bradford
Guitars: PB
Saxes: Bruce Nifong
Drums: Mark Walker

Another one written in the good old Barking Crab days… Melissa sings like an angel and World-Class Mark Walker kills on this  🙂

Cold Shot

By W.C. Clark; Mike Kindred  1984
(Via Stevie Ray Vaughn)
Horn Arrangement: David Mash

Vocal: PB
Electric Bass: PB
Guitars: PB
VI Drums: PB
Saxes: Bruce Nifong
Trombone: Izzi Guzman

I would never have the nerve to sing if it weren’t for my Godfather, David Mash.  Blame him!  Big thanks to Trumpet and Trombone star Izzi, who showed up in my Logic Pro class and shined like a light.

Why Get Up

By Bill Carter and Ruth Ellsworth 1986
Horn Arrangement: Bruce Nifong

Vocal: Fred Griffeth
Background Vocals: Gail Nickse and Peter Bell
Electric Bass: PB
Guitars: PB
VI Drums: PB
Saxes: Bruce Nifong

Fred and Gail – Talent, brilliance, and coolness.  The king and queen of old school R & B around here.

Natural Ball

By Albert King 1960 adapted from T-Bone Walker’s T-Bone Shuffle 1949
Instrumental Head by Horace Silver: Cookin’ at the Continental 1959
Horn Arrangement: Peter Bell, David Mash and Bruce Nifong

Vocal: PB
Bass: Jesse Williams
Guitars: PB
Drums: Mark Walker
Saxes: Bruce Nifong
Trumpet: Izzi Guzman

This is what happens when a blues guitar player goes to Berklee.  Grateful to the incomparable Jesse Williams who as usual needs a doctor on this tune.

Here’s a streaming transcribed score for musicians who like that kind of thing! :

Natural Ball Score: Transcription by Peter Bell

Back Into Life

By Aleena Solomon and Peter Bell    2021 
(Adapted from instrumental track by Peter Bell and Keith Smith 2000)
Horn arrangment Amadee Castanell
Vocal arrangement Aleena Solomon

Vocal:  Aleena Solomon 
Background Vocals:  Aleena Solomon
Electric Bass:  PB
Drums:  Mark Walker 
Guitars:  PB
Saxes:  Bruce Nifong

Aleena Solomon is going places, and I’m happy and thankful that she stopped here on the way.  Big props to the Norleans genius Amadee Castanell and of course to amazing Bruce.

Special thanks to Chris Rival for lending his justifiably famous ears for advice on the mixes.

One final note.  I couldn’t have done this work without the friendship and leadership of David Mash.  I’m grateful.  Just sayin’,  Peter Bell